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The Big D Jamboree was a hit national radio show in the 1950s, featuring country and rockabilly bands. This collection features THIRTY TRACKS (30) both live and studio performances of some of the bands (male performers) over ten years in the 1950s! Note how they performed several styles – the bluegrass, standards, and new rockabilly genres! Here are the Guys of Big D Jamboree! Press Play on the above player to hear them! This CD originally came with a booklet of pictures and information, but the original CD and booklet are no longer available. We obtained permissions to handle the last known copy!

Douglass Bragg – Barbed Wire Love
Jimmy Collie – Tiger Lily
Jimmy Fields – My Heart and I
Jimmy Fields – Your Picture On The Wall
Riley Crabtree – Something Tells Me
Riley Crabtree – She Loves Me Better
Riley Crabtree – Go Cat Go
Riley Crabtree – Someone Reminds Me of You
Joe Price – Dont Knock It
Sid King and the Five Strings – Youre Always Breaking Hearts
Clay Allen – I Cant Keep Smiling
Joe Bill DAngelo – Everybody Knows I Tried
Gene OQuin – The Hard Way
Gene OQuin – Next Sunday Darling Is My Birthday
Leroy Jenkins – Hard Luck Hard Time Blues
Leroy Jenkins – Why Dont You Get on the Woo Wagon With Me
Buddy Walker – Im Sending You Red Roses
Buddy Walker – Just Wait and See
Orville Couch – Waits What Broke the Wagon Down
Orville Couch and Eddie McDuff – Be Bop Crazy
Johnny Mathis and Les Chambers – Everybody Else Does
Lefty Frizzell – Stepping Out
Lefty Frizzell – Always In Love
The Texas Stompers – Pineapple Push
Frankie Miller – Black Land Farmer
Frankie Miller – I Walk The Line Always Late
Tony Douglas – Seasons of My Heart
Billy Jack Hale – I Take My Hat Off to the Blues
Mitchell Torok – A Few More Memories
Mitchell Torok – Mr DJ

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