All Texas Music was founded by and for Texas Musicians in 2005, named All Texan Music until 2012. We have been very proud to have our personal friends – Texas rockers Johnny Nitzinger and Bloodrock – contribute songs to help start our initial music offerings! (We no longer carry those tracks, and thank Johnny Nitzinger and Jim Rutledge). While most of the world knows Texas for Country Music, we also know Texas has great Rock, Jazz, Classical, Conjunto, Folk,  Ambient, and all other genres. This is our mission, to show the diversity of Texas Music.

We have moved AWAY from the MP3 format, and now offer music available only as CD and Vinyl. MP3 downloads have been greatly responsible for music piracy and the downfall of the recording industry. We are on a mission to do our part to get musicians paid responsibly! So join our effort to do the right thing, and purchase CD or Vinyl recordings. And tell a friend! We feel that you want high quality sound, not low quality tracks on a cell phone. We feel MP3 is on the way out. And you deserve BETTER quality sound for your buck.

The point is, vinyl manufacturing is now a product that is increasing in popularity “Right Now”. Not a by-product of a conglomerate. Since any 9 year old with Pro Tools can now make a CD, it is nice that there is a medium that your originality can stand out, and not only that, but superior to the CDs and MP3 on a sonic level. Appropriately, not for every bar band. But if you have the chops you can get a superior audio product to folks who appreciate it. And yes, we indulge in CD format too, since many folks who appreciate full “albums” still have a CD player. Check out the Store here and our artists!