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by Michael Maurer on
VIBE9 MONITORS - Support All Texas Music

I have designed and built custom in-ear monitors since 1990. As the owner of VIBE9, I am greatly impressed by All Texas Music. This vehicle will put money back into the hands of those who deserve it, the creators and performers of great Texas music.

I have seen over the years, talented musicians with Texas, National, and International audiences receiving petty (if that) financial compensation for their art.

All Texas Music's creation and promotion of CD and vinyl revenue for musicians is where it is at, and I am very happy to see the potential this provides all Texas musicians.

I am glad to have found you, and I will do my best to turn everyone on to this great opportunity. CHEERS to ALL TEXAS MUSIC - Michael Maurer

by Victor Gann on
The Mothers - The Mothers

As owner of Evia Music, we specialize in only local Texas music. Country, pop, metal, makes no difference, just Texan.

As a result I found All Texas Music. And they are just that. They have been a great help, and I greatly appreciate that there are more people out there willing to help the Texas artist.

by Jam Sandwich on
mark & the staff R O C K ! !

In releasing our newest EP, simply titled,#, Mark & the staff at All Texas Music went above & beyond to make sure our product not only "hit the shelves" on time, but they helped promo for us & just maintained an "above & beyond" attitude.

When you're releasing a product, ALL kinds of things go left at the last minute. All Texas Music had a "no worries" attitude that delivered excellence.

If only our political system worked the same . . . .

by John Hyat on
Big D Jamboree

Mark, I purchased three of the Big D Jamboree CDs [Gals, Guys, Hillbillies] recently. After listening to all three I want to praise the Gals & Guys but wish to rave about the Hillbillies; that CD is outstanding ... a fine representative of the Big D Jamboree! Thak you for all three! John in Sarasota, Florida

by Tommy Leonard on

I love anything TEXAS because I am HELL BENT 100% PURE TEXAN, and want it all.

by Debbie Thompson on

I love music almost as much as I love my husband and children.More than food,and I love good Texas food!Feed me with your entire catalog ! Make me the happiest Woman in Texas!!

by Laura Mae Benson on
Truly covers ALL types of Texas Music!

I love ALL kinds of music and love LIVE music. This site really DOES feature TEXAS music of all types! Texas Troubadours and cowboy balladeers, H-Town Rap, TEXAS HEAVY METAL, Folk, the list goes on and on with music influenced by the melting pot that make up Texans and Texas Music of every possible type!

by H. Baldwing on

Wow you really DO play the many different types of music from Texas! Way cool! Going to the music store now to download some. Great radio here!

by Jeff Cunningham on

I'm from NC and didn't know what Texas music was till I got to spend 2 months in Garland this past summer. I got to hang out with Brett Dillion at Shiner Sundays....Max Stalling, Tejas Bros, Dale Watson, Guthrie Kennard, Darryl Lee Rush...Texas music kicks Nashvilles ass!!!

by camila on

I do not know the music but am very curious to hear some, I think this site is charming lol if I can get a song.... 🙂

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FEEDBACK — 27 Comments

  1. I was born in San Antonio raised in Odessa and found home in Ft Worth ! There is no place like Texas! Nothing like our people, our music, our food and our love!

  2. We like what you do and you should be proud of yourself. I only wish more people took this as serious as All Texas Music! We are ready to win just so we can comment and promote you more.

  3. To choose one is to choose them all. Music is our inner voice. It speaks to us in all genre and touches every fiber of who we are. Stay away from the 4 cornered box and you will actually feel the mood in all musical forms. This site shares all its inner voices and makes us Texas Proud that our music stands above the rest.

  4. As a misplaced Texan living in The PacificNorthwest I had the honor of being exposed to Texas music over four years ago. I thought I knew good music but after listening to what Texas had I knew I was mistaken. Since then I had turned to the Texas music scene listening and supporting new artists and buying the newest sounds from the likes of Aaron Watson, Dale Watson, Roger Creager and others. If a person has never exposed themselves to Texas music they do not know what they are missing. I will be traveling down to Texas this year and the plan is to drown myself in music going from big cities to small towns to listen and enjoy.

  5. It is so nice to have a place that is just Texas artists and Texas Music! Texas music has a heart and soul of its own. I’ve lived in Texas for twelve years, and Texas Music is the Best!!! It’s hard to listen to anything else!

  6. I can’t name just 3 of my favorites but here are a few on the top of my list. Zane Williams, Mark David Manders, Brian Burns, Max Stalling, Kylie Rae, Josh Abbott, No Justice, some older Pat Green, and who can leave off Tommy Alverson , Larry Joe Taylor, Rusty Weir, Ed Burleson, Robby White, Randy Rogers, Eli Young, Black Top Gypsies and the list continues on and on. Happy New Year! and keep the TX tunes rolling.

  7. I want to wish everyone a blessed and happy new year. Everyone there is instumental in the field of music. Don’t stop doing what you are doing.

  8. I have a lot of friends that are in the music business and I can’t really choose a favorite. There are so many talented individuals out there and they all deserve credit for what they give to people. Music is the backbone of this country and it’s people. You help with bridging the gaps. Keep up the good work.

  9. Music has always been a major part of my life and I think that you have a great link between musicians and people. Keep up the good work.

  10. i don’t know how anyone could pick just one favorite texas musican there are so many good one’s for anyone to say there is one just isn’t getting the whole picture cuz it just dosen’t get any better then texas music like Ray Wylie Hubbard,GuthrieKennard,Claude Butch Morgan, Jim suler,Buddy Whittington,Rusty Burns and Point Blank just to name a few so to pick just one way to hard cuz texas music just doesn’t get any better can’t wait to see what 2013 brings us so i Guess all i have to say is that TEXAS JUST ROCKS AND IT JUST DOESN’T GET ANY BETTER THAN THAT! ENOUGH SAID

  11. After reading many previous comments, I would just like to say HOW ARE YA’LL EVER GONNA BE ABLE TO PICK JUST ONE? So many of them are so well spoken … I am proud to be one of your many true TEXAS fans! My comment will have to be “What they said” !!! (and GO COWBOYS!!!)

  12. Austin Texas’ Del Castillo is the best latin band I have ever heard, I’m a big fan of their Spanish/ Tex-Mex……. Rock on guys

  13. Having seen so much talent in one area, Houston, I think my personal favorite showman is
    The Amazing Rick Lee. Never have I witnessed a show that compares to the energy and dedication to entertainment…..nor did I ever think that I would see a tongue playing, behind the head soloist jumping around the room playing guitar with anything within arms reach (barstools, beer bottles, mic stands, etc….) while standing on tables and bars…..especially fram a Chinese man, apparently born to sing the blues.

  14. Thinking back to the beginning of musical careers as I watched them start, a favorite pick of mine was Carolyn Wonderland, I knew from the first time I heard her singing, prolly back in 91-91….I knew this girl was gonna survive the trials of time in the music industry…..and today her voice and talent shine thru the masses……

  15. Houston music is what I know and ive seen some great artist down there….
    Guy Schwartz and the New Jack Hippies is one of my favorites with all the improv and there
    “teach the band a song” bit…..this is real artist doing what they do best.

  16. I am a proud native Texan and am happy to follow and promote musicians from Texas! Love this site and all it stands for. Keep up the great music and posts!

  17. All Texas Music is a great place to discover music you didn’t know you couldn’t live witout.

  18. For over five years now, I have abandoned the Nashville spoon-feeding for All Texas Music and the true grit lyrics of genuine singer-songwriters. Thank you to all the Texas artists that venture this far north (Minnesota) to bring us the best the music industry has to offer. The TX2MN campaign and All Texas Music has enriched my life beyond measure, and I’m so grateful for the introduction to the best music in America or anywhere else.

  19. We are All Texan & All Texas here at the place I call Rocker Texas!!! I wanna win All That Music Yes I Do!!!! 🙂

  20. They great part about music is, how it can bridge the gaps between age, distance, and diversity. You have constructed a site that encompasses the ideas behind the music. You have created a home for people to share and listen. The diversity in the Texas music that is presented shows just how special music really is. There is no fluff, no generic, just honest, raw emotions put to melody.