Salim Nourallah - Skeleton Closet

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Here’s some of what the critics have said about Skeleton Closet so far:

“Masterful balance of the said and the unsaid…Skeleton Closet is like a good novel, full of implications and shadowy contradictions and complexities.” DUSTED

“It would be tempting to call this a singular masterpiece, because it’s outstanding in every regard, and yet, that would be almost like denigrating its predecessors, all of which are superb without exception.” Pop Matters

“Finest collection yet: classic guitar-and-keys pop with melodies and lyrics that linger. The album has a haunting West Texas vibe, accentuated with weird little elements of Jamaican dub – the kind of sublimely off-kilter fusion that made Strummer’s music with the Clash bracing and enduring.” Houston Chronicle

“Skeleton Closet is an album of songs that are thoughtful, catchy, carefully hopeful.” Exclaim

“This man’s music combines all the very best elements of pop music: cool rhythms, perfect arrangements, great lyrics, and vocals to die for. Once again, Salim knocks it totally out of the ball park.” Babysue

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