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2005 Release – Genuine Texas Country at its Finest! Steve Simmons is one of the best songwriters in Texas. His most recent project titled “Broadway” is filled with sad, funny, rocking, and honky-tonk style country songs. However, it is not so much the music or Steve’s vocals that make the record such a pleasure. It is the stories. His songs of Texas lifestyle are real without being stupid and just about drinking beer and chasing women. He is a songwriter to be respected. His wit can be heard in “Christi’s Avon and Tex Mex” and his passion in the story of war’s tragedy in “Casey”. The ability to have two songs on the same record that are both so good yet so different is nothing short of genius. Steve is set to return to the studio for some more recording soon. Keith Howerton, Texas Music Times Magazine.

Lotto Tickets, Cigarettes and Keystone Light
What I Ever Do to Deserve This
Christi’s Avon & Texman
Jack & Mary
Cold Spell
High Hat Rounder
TV Preacher
Ace Hardware Cowboy

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